Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cocoapods - ARGV - Returns Options as a Hash, OCMock only for Tests target.

Tonight I actually made my cocoapods objc port use cocoapods. Most of the point of this adventure is for me to deeply learn cocoapods. I initially wanted to replace some manually written stubs in my first ARGV test with OCMock, but it OCMock doesn't support stubbing -[NSObject description], so I didn't actually need it. I imagine I'll need OCMock at some point, and it was also a good exercise in learning how to setup cocoapods dependencies only for specific targets, so I left it in.
I also tried implementing the "returns options as a hash" spec, but ran out of time. Ben Chatelain suggested I use FSArgumentParser:
but I don't think that's going to work. However, FSArgumentParser depends upon CoreParse, and that looks like it'll work out great. I'll probably use FSArgumentParser as an example of how to use CoreParse for my purposes, so I think Ben's suggestion will pay many dividends. I love knowing smart people.

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